Preparing for a session : Vocals

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You have poured your heart into writing songs, you’ve managed to get through some awkward but ultimately productive rehearsals and you have taken the time to choose the right studio to record at, but one of the most crucial (and also most commonly overlooked) is your preparation to recording your vocals. Simply put, if you aren’t in good shape, it is unlikely that you’re vocals will be.

Warm ups

You look silly doing it & it is pretty annoying to everyone – but deal with it!! Being properly warmed up helps with your tone, stamina and pitching, and can be all the difference between an average performance & a great one. There are a million & one guides to vocal warm ups online, so there is no excuse!

Get some sleep!!

I cant even begin to count how many times a singer has turned up for a session, chatted about their heavy night, getting to bed 3 hours before the beginning of the session, but I can say that pretty much all of these sessions (lets say 95%) have either been non-starters (not able to sing!) or  excessively drawn out (i.e. more expensive). This has a knock on effect to the rest of the session, and not only adds costs but can demotivate other band members etc… Its simple, sleep well the night before & it WILL show during your takes & finished project.


It doesn’t take a genius to understand that smoking affects your vocals. Giving up the day before your session will have little to no benefit, so either give up a few weeks in advance or try to smoke as little as possible during your session.

Keeping hydrated

By drinking room-temperature water, you keep your throat & vocal chords in good shape & opens up your oesophagus. Iced water will tighten up your vocal chords, and has been known to cause some damage when singing. The same is true for caffeinated drinks, these dry out your vocal chords, so no coffee, coke (carbonated drinks aren’t good either!) etc… Go for Tea!!

Eating dairy/gluten before your session

Dairy & gluten foods can often thicken mucus in your throat, making singing that little bit tougher, so it is best to lay off these for at least 24 hours before your session – every little counts!!