This Months Releases – Oct 2017

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Ducktales – Jersey Devil

Matt Mondanile drops the latest Ducktales release entitled Jersey Devil. Written and recording in LA and his mothers basement in New Jersey, the record offers up psychedelic pop feel reminiscent of his days with Real Estate. Jersey Devil is released via his own label – New Images Limited. Ducktails are touring the UK during October so be sure to check them out. Check out the debut single Map to the Stars below:


01. Map to the Stars
02. Light a Candle
03. In the Hallway
04. Keeper of the Garden
05. Solitary Star
06. Lover
07. Mannequin
08. Wearing a Mask
09. Shattered Mirror Travel
10. The Rising Sun

Yassassin – Vitamin Y

We’re totally loving London based alt-rock quintet Yassassin and are pumped that we finally get to hear their latest EP ‘Vitamin Y’, released on Babelogue, live at the Waiting Room in Stoke Newington this month. Their EP is full of moody energy, reminiscent of the likes of The Breeders and Le Tigre with a more cutting edge. They sound sleazy, they sound dark, they sound catchy and we highly recommend you checking out this rocking EP.


01. Cherry Pie
02. Mermaidistic Personality Disorder
03. Seasoned Like A Chicken
04. Pretty Face

Oh La Kanada – Paper Love

London-based Oh La Kanada are due to drop their debut EP Paper Love this month. It sounds totally glorious with Karolina’s vocals sounding beautiful throughout this down tempo, pop release. Both tracks on the EP are catchy with a repeated guitar hook guaranteed to get your foot stomping. Be sure to check these guys out at Notting Hill Arts Club in October.

Track List:

01. Paper Love
02. Fantasy

Blind Atlas – Balter EP

Anglo-American quarter drop their latest double A-side Space Americans / Titch and if their previous EP is anything to go by, will be a total killer. Blind atlas remind us of 1970s Neil Young which quite frankly can’t be a bad thing. Check out the second track from their last EP below and be sure to get across to their release party at Paper Dress Vintage on the 19th October.

Track List:

01. Space Americans
02. Titch

Night Shades – Evil Dreams

Night Shades are a London-based garage punk/rock & roll band, formed in late 2014 when guitarists/singers Shaun Blackwell and Clare McNamara arrived in London from Wellington, New Zealand and met drummer Niall Kavanagh. Independently released and recorded in empty bars and the bands bedrooms (!) the EP promises to boast big dirty riffs as per their debut record 2 Track Cassette.

Track List: