Pro Tools Writing Template

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Pro Tools templates make you & your collaborators lives easier, FACT. I have always used a variety of session templates for recording & mixing stages, but have always tended to start with a blank state when it comes to writing. Since starting on a new project recently, I spent some time creating a template to load up when a writing … Read More

Switching to Pro Tools for Writing


Lets start with debunking a myth. Pro Tools is only good for recording, Logic is only good for writing I have seen this for years on all manner of forums, articles & blogs all over the web, and it has always slightly rubbed me up the wrong way. It doesn’t matter how many times I see it, it still gives me a shudder. All … Read More

4 techniques I have tried this week

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On a weekly basis I push myself to try out as many tricks & tips as I can. These might pop their head up while recording, I may read them online or another engineer may spills the beans on them. They rarely work out straight away, and take a little experimentation to realise and some seem to be no good … Read More

Preparing for a session : Vocals

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You have poured your heart into writing songs, you’ve managed to get through some awkward but ultimately productive rehearsals and you have taken the time to choose the right studio to record at, but one of the most crucial (and also most commonly overlooked) is your preparation to recording your vocals. Simply put, if you aren’t in good shape, it … Read More


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Originally from the 1930’s – this Bi-Directional (Figure of 8) ribbon mic sounds as good as it looks. Originally used in broadcast studios for both music & voice, taking advantage of its bi-directional nature allowing performers to sit opposite each other.    


SamGear, Microphones, Ribbon Microphones

The RCA KU-3A is a monster. It is a cardioid pattern Ribbon Microphone, that is as old as it looks, but still sounds amazing. First introduced in 1948 to be used on Hollywood & TV sound stages, especially for boom mounted applications. With only 600 ever made, who knows what its been previously used on! The cardioid pattern is rare … Read More

Workaround for bouncing Melodyne tuned vocals


If you use Melodyne, you will no doubt understand the basic concept that your audio is now contained in Melodyne, so if you want to mute a passage, or listen to a different take you have to bypass Melodyne (removing any tuning changes). Bounce errors can also appear when bouncing your projects, so getting the audio back out of Melodyne is … Read More

Fairchild 670 – Vintage Stereo Limiter

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The big brother to the Fairchild 660, is the the Fairchild 670. Weighing in @ 30kg, this vari-mu compressor has stereo capability and the same classic sound as its little brother, but with a greater range of applications. The 660 was requested by Les Paul & designed by Rein Narma. It is a double channel vari-mu compressor based around the classic RCA 6386 tube. … Read More

Fairchild 660 – Vintage Compressor

SamCompressors, Outboard

Perhaps the most wanted piece of vintage outboard ever, I feel so lucky to be able to use the Fairchild 670 & 660 everytime! It isn’t worth writing what records it has been used on, the truth is, it has been too many to even begin giving it the credit that it deservers. Initially requested by Les Paul, the Fairchild … Read More

A guide to Recording Electric Guitars


Introduction When you listen to a modern rock, indie or pop record the clarity & tone of all the parts are integral to the overall sound & dynamic of the finished track. Pre production, arrangement, mic techniques, recording chain, tracking & mixing all have a massive impact on overall sound. The phrase “Only as good as the weakest part of … Read More